Polygraphs, Behavioral Analysis, And False Confessions

Thirteen year old Dylan Redwine went missing from his father’s home in Vallecito, CO on November 19, 2012.  As with many missing person cases, people took to social media to spread the word about Dylan. In Dylan’s case a number of Facebook pages were created, some of which no longer exist.  From them, three different […]

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Robert Harrod: Three Years Later And Still No Answers

Three years ago today Robert M. Harrod disappeared from his home in Placentia, CA seemingly without a trace. While the case remains open it appears to have gone cold.  No updates about what progress has been made or the current status of the investigation have been shared by Placentia Police Dept. Harrod’s family has made […]

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25th Anniversary Of The Disappearance Of Joseph Helt

On Friday, January 16, 1987, 17 year old Joseph Helt of Ellensville, NY attended a party with friends.  In the early morning hours of January 17th, Joe left the party with three acquaintances.  He has not been seen or heard from since.  25 years later friends and family are still looking for answers. The party […]

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Father Of Missing Ayla Reynolds Issues Challenge To Nancy Grace

The father of missing toddler, Ayla Reynolds issued a challenge to HLN‘s, Nancy Grace. In an interview with the Kennebec Journal, Justin DiPietro invited Nancy Grace, who has been critical of DiPietro to spend a day with him. “I will publicly invite Nancy Grace to come spend a day with me,” DiPietro said this afternoon […]

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Father Makes Emotional Video Plea For Help Finding Runaway Daughter

Haley Faith Wilson, 17 quietly left her home in Amarillo, TX through her bedroom window sometime after 10 pm Monday, December 26th.  She took her bedding and guitar, then left in her car.  Her cell phone was left behind. Ray Wilson said when he went out to start his car the next morning he noticed […]

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‘Baby Gabriel’ Johnson Still Missing Two Years Later

  Gabriel Scott Johnson was abducted by his mother, Elizabeth Johnson of Tempe, Arizona.  The last known sighting of Gabriel who was 8 months old at the time was on December 26, 2009 in San Antonio, TX. Johnson who had initially told the boy’s father, Logan McQueary that she had killed him later claimed that she […]

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Body Of Missing NY man, Joshua Rubin Found in PA

The body of Joshua Rubin who went missing on Halloween from Brooklyn, NY was discovered in rural Pennsylvania. A South Whitehall Township road crew worker found the burned remains on November 1st but officials were unable to use fingerprints to identify the victim who had been fatally shot.  The DNA results which were used to […]

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Missing Lancaster, OH Man Returns Home Nearly A Month Later

Mark Johnson of Lancaster, OH was reported missing on November 27th following a fire that destroyed his home.  Johnson’s two children were with family members at the time of the fire.  Vehicles in the yard had been parked away from the house.  Remains discovered in the home were determined to be those of a goat. […]

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Waterville, ME Police To Hold Press Conference for Missing Ayla Reynolds

Waterville, Maine police will be holding a press conference today at 2pm regarding the disappearance of 20 month old Ayla Reynolds. Ayla was last seen in her bed at 10 pm Friday night by a family member.  Her father called police at 8:51 am the next morning when he discovered Ayla was not in her […]

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Speculation In The Jaymie Adams Case

Jaymie Adams, 25, of Blanchard, OK was reported missing on December 9th.  According to reports she was last seen leaving her home at around 11 pm headed for a Crest Foods grocery store in Midwest City approximately 40 miles away. Adams’ husband, Justin, says he last heard from her at 12:45 am when she text […]

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