Speculation In The Jaymie Adams Case

Jaymie Adams, 25, of Blanchard, OK was reported missing on December 9th.  According to reports she was last seen leaving her home at around 11 pm headed for a Crest Foods grocery store in Midwest City approximately 40 miles away.

Adams’ husband, Justin, says he last heard from her at 12:45 am when she text him to let him know she was at a McDonald’s in the 9000 block of Southeast 29th street to meet a friend.  Justin Adams and his mother, Tina Clarke found Jaymie’s van Saturday morning parked in the McDonald’s lot.

The van was locked and there was no sign of Jaymie Adams.  Justin Adams called police and asked them to help him get into the van.  Officers refused because Adams’ could not prove he owned the vehicle.  When officer’s asked Adams’ what was going on he explained the situation telling the officers that calls he made to Jaymie’s cell phone after he last heard from her were going straight to voice mail and that he did not know who his wife was meeting.

According to early reports, police believe Jaymie Adams may be a victim of foul play however it is not clear what has led them to this belief.

There is a Crest Foods and a McDonald’s much closer to Blanchard (approx. 20 miles) which has people wondering why Jaymie Adams chose to drive twice the distance to Midwest City.  Could she have been meeting someone, a boyfriend maybe, with the intention of leaving?  Is she a victim of the friend she was meeting or someone else after they met up?  Could her husband be involved?  News 9 reported sources have said Adams’ worked a side job giving massages to earn extra money.  Some have speculated that Adam’s late night meeting may have been with a client rather than a friend.

News 9 also reports that investigators are reviewing surveillance video from a nearby business.  Police said they have been unable to pinpoint Adam’s location through her cell phone.

Adams’, a mother of three is 2 months pregnant according to her husband.  Family and friends have left comments on various news sites and a Facebook page has been started.

Oklahoma City Police ask that anyone who has seen Jaymie Adams or has information regarding her whereabouts call 911.



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