Father Makes Emotional Video Plea For Help Finding Runaway Daughter

Haley Faith Wilson

Haley Faith Wilson, 17 quietly left her home in Amarillo, TX through her bedroom window sometime after 10 pm Monday, December 26th.  She took her bedding and guitar, then left in her car.  Her cell phone was left behind.

Ray Wilson said when he went out to start his car the next morning he noticed Haley’s car was gone and her bedroom window was open.  He then went to her room noticing that along with her bedding and guitar a few other small items were missing.  That’s also when Wilson found the note written on Post-Its that Haley had left for him and his wife, Amber.

Note left by Haley Faith Wilson for her father

Wilson found Haley’s phone as well as a map his daughter had made notations on.  She’d written Bisbee (AZ), what looked like it might say Arcata (CA) but was more likely Arcadia (CA) based on where the notation is on the map, and Humboldt (CA).  Haley had also written ‘about 1091’ (apparently changed from 1099) and ‘$150’.

The map appears to be a route Haley was planning to travel with her final destination being Humboldt, CA.  Its possible the 1091 refers to the approximate number of miles to where she would pick up Interstate 5 in California.  The $150 could be an estimation of how much money she would need for lodging and tolls along the way.

While Arcadia, CA is not on the list, Bisbee, AZ, Humboldt, CA and Arcata, CA (which is near Humboldt) are considered ‘Hippy Havens’ according to the hipplanet.com website.  It is unknown at this time if Haley had connections to anyone in any of these communities.

Map Haley Wilson left behind

Ray Wilson turned to social media to find help locating his daughter.  Someone set up the Help Find Haley Faith Wilson Facebook page.  People from all over the US and some from other countries have reached out to show their support

Set to a song he wrote and recorded for Haley and her sister, Wilson made an emotional video plea for help using flash cards.

Wilson told the Daily Mail Online that he and Haley had had some ‘incidents’ but they were normal 17 year old things.  He said he didn’t see this coming.

‘We just had a perfect Christmas together, complete with snow, family and friends. Everything seemed to be fine and she seemed very happy.

‘It was the first Christmas that she had worked, saved and bought everyone in the family a gift. She was very proud of that. I don’t think we could have done anything differently.’

He said social media was his biggest hope and he wanted somebody to reach out to Haley and make sure she is safe.

Haley Faith Wilson is described as 5’6″ tall, 120 lbs, with orangish blond hair and blue eyes.  She likes playing guitar and singing and wears bracelets and tye-dyed clothing.  She is driving a silver 2003 Ford Focus wagon with Texas plate number CZ4 P044.

Anyone with information is asked to please call the Amarillo Police Department at (806) 378-3038.