Robert Harrod: Three Years Later And Still No Answers

Robert M. Harrod

Three years ago today Robert M. Harrod disappeared from his home in Placentia, CA seemingly without a trace.

While the case remains open it appears to have gone cold.  No updates about what progress has been made or the current status of the investigation have been shared by Placentia Police Dept.

Harrod’s family has made no plans for today to mark the 3rd anniversary of Harrod’s disappearance.

Anyone with information regarding Harrod’s disappearance should contact Detective Dave Radomski at (714) 993-8176, or the homicide hotline at (714) 993-8166.


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  • Diamond Lil says:

    Bob Harrod’s disappearance will be featured today on Investigation Discovery Channel, Thursday, April 4th, 2013 titled “Long Lost Love”, episode #506.. Detective Radomski appears in the episode as well as some of the family members of Robert Harrod. The interviews were conducted in 2012.

    Airing at 7pm Central and again at 10 pm Central
    check your local listings for air times and repeats of the episode.

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